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master1Welcome! This new blog will provide you with interesting and insightful material related to holistic health, healing, and wellness. Tips and techniques for generating healing and change will be shared. I will also be sharing with you a holistic perspective on some of the difficult issues and challenges we face societally and collectively. 

In these changing times we are in, I hope you give yourself time to relax, detach, and return to the center place of stillness within yourself. Much is happening at this time in the evolution of consciousness, and now more than ever, each of us will be well served by connecting to that clear still-point to heal separation and reestablish our connectedness to the whole. I hope you enjoy reading the column!

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Finding Inner Gold through Alchemy

alchemist cabinGold awaits your discovery!

While it would be nice to be able to literally turn lead into gold, especially in today's economy, alchemy can give you the ability to find inner gold. Alchemy is a deeply rich subject to investigate. It is filled with metaphors, symbols, mysterious directives and procedures that support one thing: transforming base material into gold. Alchemists also sought youth and immortality in their search for the elixir of life. Today, it is unanimously agreed that alchemy is nothing but another failed attempt at changing the laws of physics through fanciful thinking. On the exoteric, physical level, that conclusion would be difficult to disprove.

This article is not going to explain in detail what the alchemists were up to. Rather, it will serve to encourage you to make use of alchemy as a way to powerfully address and transform the problems, setbacks, and difficulties in your life. An alchemical understanding applied to present-day problems provides rare opportunities for inner growth and development. In this regard, alchemy is alive and well today. It is there to give you an insightful and self-empowering way to work with the contents of your psyche (mind) to support the discovery of inner gold—psychological and spiritual growth and awareness.

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Tips for a Better Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay pictureIf you will be in the hospital for any length of time, this article will help make your stay much more pleasant. Few people naturally enjoy a stay in the hospital. For most of us, boredom and aggravation are more fitting words to describe the experience. A holistic look at the hospital stay reveals some interesting observations. Instead of being a source of stress or irritation, your stay in the hospital can be quite enlightening—if you are willing to look at the hidden causes to what makes a hospital stay unpleasant.

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Health Healing and Empowerment


"A Chat about Hypnotherapy"

An interview with Mark Bancroft, by Jan Fishler

As pubished in The Union Newspaper on March 3, 2015.

Mark Bancroft didn’t know anything about the power of the subconscious mind until his first semester of college when he had to make a presentation in front of 150 people. That’s when he discovered he had a common phobia—the paralyzing fear of public speaking. Despite having the willpower to make the presentation, he found it impossible to speak and humbly excused himself from class. Desperate for a solution, Mark turned to hypnotherapy. In just two hypnosis sessions, Mark’s subconscious fear of public speaking was released. Mark returned to class the following week and successfully gave his presentation. The following semester Mark took a speech class to make sure the block was truly gone. It was. From there Mark joined Toastmasters and participated in speech competitions, where he took first place in 8 out of 10 speeches. In an effort to understand his experience, Mark began studying psychology, altered states of consciousness, hypnosis and how the subconscious mind works. The more he discovered how to work with the subconscious mind, the more he noticed life becoming easier and far less stressful. For the past 20 years, Mark has focused his professional life on helping others reach the deeper potentials of their mind in order to strengthen and support their health, healing and empowerment process.

In this week’s Healthy Options, we share a short interview with Mark Bancroft MA, a local Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in clinical hypnotherapy. Mark offers health coaching and relief to individuals dealing with chronic diseases and conditions. He provides powerful and effective techniques designed to establish and maintain the optimum emotional, mental, and spiritual states that support physical healing and a return to health.

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