Holistic Health 
Healing Services

by Mark Bancroft, MA


Mark has spent over 25 years developing and refining the services he provides to his clients. The intention that guides Mark's work is to provide individuals and groups with self-empowering, supportive, safe, affordable, and effective ways to enhance and facilitate health and healing of the mind, body, and emotions. In order to best realize this intention, Mark draws from both conventional and non-conventional healing methods and techniques. To you, the client, this means you will be well served, for you are being provided a life-changing, self-empowering healing experience capable of taking your healing and self-change process to a much deeper level than what is commonly available.


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Holistic Hypnotherapy

Holistic Hypnotherapy works with your mind, body, and emotions in a proven, safe, and powerful way to enhance and accelerate healing, positive change, and transformation. Hypnosis gently guides you into a natural state of inner balance, ease, and focused concentration. You remain in control at all times and are aware of everything said and presented to you. You get to enjoy yourself free of all stress, difficulties, problems, pain, fear, and doubt. The experience of hypnosis is uplifting and very pleasant. Holistic Hypnotherapy facilitates health and positive change by allowing your whole-self to support the healing process. Positive and lasting results are experienced with far less effort and struggle by using hypnotherapy to bring forth your inner potential for health, healing, positive change, and transformation.


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Medical Hypnosis

Medical Hypnosis has s many uses and applications that support physical, emotional, and mental health and healing. When it comes to health conditions, hypnosis has much to offer. You can use hypnosis for pain control and stress reduction, to releasing phobias, anxiety, addictions, and compulsive behavior patterns. Clinical Hypnosis is a powerful complement to Western medicine. It is also used to prepare for surgery and can help speed recovery while minimizing post-operative pain and stress. 





Life Coaching 

Life Coaching brings positive change to your life. This service puts you in touch with the ability to take clear, direct, and inspired action that supports positive change and new beginnings. This service is especially powerful due to Mark's non-dualistic approach to goal attainment. Drawing from quantum mechanics, systems theory, archetypal psychology, and other disciplines, Mark's approach to life coaching is powerful, effective, and insightful, allowing you to reach your goals more directly and quickly than linear-based, traditional life coaching techniques provide. 



Wellness ConsultingWellness Consulting

Wellness Consulting teaches and gives you both traditional and non-traditional/alternative methods and techniques you can use to heal and empower yourself and your life. The service is based on a holistic foundation aimed at restoring balance and well-being to the entire system. You can use Wellness Consulting to complement any conventional treatment plan, as a way to include the all-important subjective dimension that influences well-being and health of the body.


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Personal Support & Motivation

Personal Support & Motivation gives you the strength, courage, and comfort that comes with knowing you have unconditional support available to you in your life. With this service, you don't have to "go it alone" when making a change or dealing with a difficult life situation. As your personal support and motivation guide, Mark will help you remain clear and focused throughout whatever process you are going through.


Meditation small imageSpirituality & Healing

Spirituality & Healing opens the doorway to a vast realm of untapped healing possibilities. You are invited to discover and explore the inner world of healing techniques and practices that accelerate healing and restore balance on all levels of being. Mark offers spiritual guidance, support, and counseling that supports health and healing through spirituality. The service is not based on belief and it respects the wide range of religious and spiritual viewpoints people have. Very often, the spiritual dimension is ignored until the inward flow of life asserts itself. Having to face a personal crisis or major health problem draws the attention inward. Serving as a guide, Mark can help you find your way forward through darkness and into light.


Meditation Self Hypnosis iconMeditation, Visualization, Self-hypnosis instruction

Meditation, Visualization, Self-hypnosis Instruction provides an assortment of innovative and powerful techniques you can use to access and work effectively in a deep transformative state of consciousness. The material you receive is custom tailored to meet your interests and specific needs as directly as possible. This service is invaluable to anyone interested in discovering how to heal and transform their life in a way that leads to greater balance and connectedness to one's Self and the present moment.


EFT Biofeedback imageEmotional Freedom Technique EFT and Biofeedback 

EFT and Biofeedback are effective ways to reduce stress and and restore balance to the body-mind system. Biofeedback teaches you how to focus and direct your thoughts and thinking in ways that support health and wellness. Emotional Freedom Technique EFT is a form of mind-body medicine that energetically clears and restores balance to the body-mind system.


Astrology Two ImageTranspersonal Astrology

Transpersonal Astrology is not your traditional run-of-the-mill fortune telling astrology. Instead, it is a deeply powerful model of psychology based on archetypal symbols that provide a map of consciousness. The map is used to open up a dialog between the different parts of the Self to facilitate awareness, healing, and self-discovery. Transpersonal Astrology also provides the benefit of consciously aligning oneself to the timing of natural shifts and developmental changes taking place within the psyche. This awareness allows a person to make a healthier, more conscious response to the internal and external changes taking place within themselves and their life at any given time. Additionally, the techniques of medical astrology are used specifically to energetically diagnose and help treat imbalances in the mind–body system that show up and are experienced as health problems.