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Relationships & Healing

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Your primary relationships can positively or negatively influence the state of your health and either inhibit or accelerate your healing process. In working with clients with serious health conditions, Mark has seen time and again just how influential a person's relationships are to their state of physical health and well-being. Looking at it energetically, long-standing conflicts, unresolved arguments, imbalance, or disharmony in a person's marriage or family relationships can fester and show up in the body as disease (non-ease). Holistic health and healing looks at the important role relationships have on health and allows the client to clear current or long-standing conflicts that, if left unchecked, would limit the body's potential to heal.


Program overview

This program will help you empower health and healing in your life by creating the conditions that support healthy relationships. The program is not psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. It is not talk therapy. Rather, it provides an alternative method for addressing and resolving relationship challenges, dynamics, obstacles, and patterns that prevent or block health and well-being to the body, mind, and emotions. The program is especially helpful to those in a marriage or relationship who have "tried everything" and are still experiencing conflict or difficulty in the relationship. It can also be used to address relationship problems or issues from the past—things that took place long ago but are still present and being held or carried physically, emotionally, or mentally.


Program highlights

  • Clear charged relationship experiences from the past that block or prevent health and healing in the present.
  • Release and resolve subconscious blocks and conditioning preventing a healthy relationship.
  • Strengthen health and the healing process through establishing healthy relationships.
  • Enhance relationship awareness, understanding, and direction.
  • Align the body, mind, and emotions to the experience of a healthy relationship.
  • Through a change in perception, bring energetic closure to a difficult relationship experience from the past or present.
  • Cultivate acceptance and deep understanding through relationship awareness.

+ This program can serve as an effective complement to traditional marriage counseling.
+ Provides an uplifting, healing and transformative approach to relationships, health, and healing.


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* Note: Specific results are not guaranteed as results may vary from person to person.


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