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Articles Information picpinWhat is Hypnosis?

pinWhat is Hypnotherapy?

pinDeciding on Hypnotherapy

pinChoosing a Hypnotherapist

pinHow Hypnosis Can Affect Changes in Behavior



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PDF symbolHypnosis Overview (PDF)

PDF symbolHypnotherapy Overview (PDF)

PDF symbolHypnosis Q&A (PDF)

PDF symbolHealer, Practitioner, Wholesaler (PDF)

PDF symbolMircale Hypnosis Seminars Explained (PDF)

PDF symbolStage Hypnosis Explained (PDF)



Healing & Self-Empowerment


White Yellow flowerpinTips for a Better Hospital Stay (blog post)

pinFinding Inner Gold through Alchemy (blog post)

pinFundamentals of Healing Music

PDF symbolChange Your Life Using the Power of Affirmations (PDF)

PDF symbol10 Keys to Inner Fulfillment (PDF)



Altered States of Consciousness


pinAltered States of Consciousness and Psychological GrowthAltered States image

pinThe Function of the Dream State in Human Behavior and Physiology

pinLucid Dreams and How Dreams Relate to Waking States of Consciousness

pinRelationship Dynamics Between Altered States and Waking States of Consciousness

pinTechnological / Artificial Ways to Affect States of Consciousness

pinHow Biofeedback Techniques Affect States of Consciousness

pinThe Effects of Partial and Total Sensory Deprivation



Academic Writings on Consciousness, Quantum Physics, and the Nature of Reality


pinIntroduction to Quantum Physics & the Nature of RealityAcademic Writings on Quantum Physics

pinThe Mysteries and Consequences of Quantum Exploration

pinWhat is Consciousness? An Overview of Various Definitions

pinProblems in Defining Consciousness

pinConsciousness: The Experience of Being and Meaning

pinQuantum Physics and Consciousness

pinThe Land of It: Reason, Logic, and Consciousness

pinConsciousness and the Quantum: Metaphor, Mechanism, Cosmology

pinCaught Inside the Wind: The Systems Approach to Consciousness

pinPlato's Cosmology and the Mystical Experience

pinBrain Physiology: A Look at the Major Structures and Properties of the Brain

pinThe History and Psychology of Spirit Possession and Exorcism



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Classes Starting

Weight Loss 

Holistic Weight Loss Seminar

Includes weight loss coaching
3 self-empowering hypnosis sessions

This seminar is currently postponed for safety reasons related to the coronavirus.   


Holistic Weight Loss Program

BodyLight logo2

Body♦Light transforms the weight loss experience, taking weight loss from struggle to a source of self-empowerment. This program gives you the experience of physical, emotional, and mental lightness. If you would like to lose weight and are tired of feeling heavy and disappointed, Body♦Light is for you!

More information on this program is available on the Body♦Light website page on this site.

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