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Having helped hundreds of people to successfully lose weight, Mark has discovered one key factor to successful weight loss: Lightness. The Body♦Light Holistic Weight Loss program is built on the insight that, from a holistic perspective, to achieve and maintain optimum weight in a healthy, lasting, and natural way, Lightness must be present on all levels of the body, mind, and emotions. This program applies the New Paradigm to weight loss. It is a reversal to the thousands of failed diets that are always coming and going. Applying insights from quantum physics, systems theory, and holism directly to weight loss results in a powerful change that does away with the heaviness—mentally, emotionally, and physically. This one-of-a-kind program offers you the experience of Lightness which supports a healthy and empowering relationship to food, eating, exercise, and your body. The program brings you healthy, natural, and lasting results with weight and eating, all the while feeling unconditionally good about yourself and your body starting today.


Why diets don't work

Body Light beach with textV2Diets and the diet industry fail to give lasting results because the focus of attention (awareness) is dualistic and focused outside the individual. A major problem with diets and the diet industry comes from having people be and remain inwardly separated from their goal. You become separated from the outcome you desire and fall into dualistic thinking, "When I weigh 140lbs, then I can be happy and accept and feel good about myself, my body, and my appearance." Inwardly, diets split, divide, and separate you from the very experience you desire to have. The message sent to and coming back from your subconscious mind is loud and clear, "You are incomplete; you do not deserve to feel good about yourself or your body; you are weak; you have no willpower; etc., etc." This conditioning dis-empowers you and lowers your self-confidence and self-esteem. If left unchecked, it leads you right into guilt and shame, where you are left with so little energy inside yourself that nothing is left to create positive change in yourself or your life. It depletes your motivation, enthusiasm, and vital energy. In a short amount of time, your subconscious mind, following the programming it has received, wins out and you give up on yourself. You stop exercising and cease eating in a conscious way that supports Lightness to your body, mind, and emotions. It becomes an endless downward spiral. Energetically, the phrase "you die on a diet" has real significance to it.

The two-year success rate for diets is less than 10%. This means that almost everyone on a diet today will end up weighing the same, and oftentimes more, within two years or less. It is worth noting that the diet industry, by and large, is a direct outgrowth of the scientific paradigm (mindset) that looks only to external answers and solutions that can be counted, measured, or quantified in some way. This speaks nothing to the inner subjective world of root cause where our true motivations, needs, and desires originate.

Diets focus on symptoms. They aim at changing a person's food, fat gram, and calorie intake. Some diet programs are highly elaborate, expensive, and extremely "scientific," monitoring all sorts of symptomatic variables with great detail and precision. However, the cause for overeating, comfort eating, or unhealthy eating will not be found in the symptom (the food)—that's not where the cause originates or exists. In nearly all cases, the cause is found in the subconscious beliefs, conditioning, and programming that compels a person to overeat, comfort eat, or eat in response to stress. Body♦Light is over 80% effective at helping people reach and maintain their optimum weight because it is the most direct and empowering way to bring forth and establish Lightness to the body, mind, and emotions.


Ideal weight versus optimum weight

Body♦Light is designed for you to reach your optimum weight, not some ideal weight. Part of the foundation to the program is recognizing the difference between "ideal weight" and "optimum weight." Ideal weight is the weight that people outside yourself, society, the media, and Hollywood tell you to be in order to consider yourself attractive, healthy, good, acceptable, etc. Your optimum weight is the weight range (within +/- 5 lbs) that works well for you and is healthy for your body. The program allows you to achieve and maintain your optimum weight in a healthy, lasting, and natural manner while supporting compassion and unconditional self-acceptance each step of the way. When your mind, body and emotions are working together in a clear, direct, and self-supportive way like this, things that once seemed difficult or impossible become reality.


Program highlights

  • Establish Lightness on all levels of mind, body, and emotions to support optimum weight.
  • Feel better inside about yourself and your body today.
  • Establish unconditional self-acceptance and body acceptance independent of external criteria.
  • Heal and transform your relationship and experience of food, eating, and exercise.
  • Enhance and heal your relationship to your body.
  • Develop body awareness through Body Story and other inner discovery techniques.
  • Move beyond past events that have caused inner pain, hurt, or suffering related to weight, body, and appearance.
  • Move past habits and conditioning that cause comfort eating, boredom eating, binge eating, stress eating, unhealthy eating.
  • Release and resolve self-limiting beliefs, subconscious habits, and behavior patterns not supporting Lightness and optimum weight.
  • Heal and empower the self-concept, self-image, and body image.
  • Enhance communication between the body and mind to support health and well-being.
  • Release subconscious identification to food as a source of comfort or pleasure.
  • Identify and meet inner needs currently met by food in more direct, effective, and healthier ways that support optimum weight.
  • Release conditioned stress responses related to food, snacking, and eating.
  • Increase physical, emotional, and mental clarity, direction, and certainty for long-term optimum weight.
  • Increase motivation and desire for fitness and exercise.
  • Transform weight loss into an opportunity for inner healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. 


Weight Loss image pic+ Clients receive valuable information, tools, techniques, and program notes that support healthy eating, self-acceptance, and motivation.

+ No supplements or special food products or diet drinks to buy.

+ No harmful or unpleasant prescription medication side-effects.

+ Directly supports inner healing and whole-self development.

+ This program offers you a natural, safe, and transformative way to improve physical health and enhance overall well-being. 


Contact Mark Bancroft

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 * Note: Specific results are not guaranteed as results may vary from person to person.



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