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Life Coaching Overview

Life Coaching moves your life forward in clear, direct, and decisive ways. Whereas a personal trainer helps you get results with your body through physical exercise and motivation, a personal life coach is there to motivate, support, inspire, focus, and guide you on achieving your goals in life. Life coaching is more direct and action-oriented than the Personal Support & Motivation service Mark offers. Life coaching gives you a masculine/doing form of motivation and support. The Personal Support & Motivation service is more process based, offering a more feminine/being level of support. If you are at a place in your life where you're telling yourself "Just do it!", life coaching is for you.

Life Coach imageLife coaching is not therapy. It is a forward-focused, results-oriented service that provides direction, support, accountability, and strong motivation. The service is often used to achieve a specific goal. It can also be used to reinvent your life in a way that allows for greater focus, initiative, and action. You can use life coaching to help you recognize, honor, and express your potential for creating and experiencing positive change in your life through direct action.
This service provides a holistic framework for the attainment of specific goals. Inspired action is empowered by consciously working with the physical, emotional, and mental dynamics of goal setting and goal attainment. In addition, Mark brings a non-dualistic structure to this service that accelerates goal realization while allowing you to enjoy a deepening degree of presence within yourself and life today. If you have a goal, dream, or desire you would like to make come true, Mark can show you the clearest, most direct, and effective way forward.

Applied specifically to health and healing, you can use life coaching to find the courage, motivation, and inspiration to put an end to old, unhealthy habits and behaviors, such as smoking or overeating. Life coaching puts you back in the driver's seat, instilling within you the curative effects found in hope, optimism, and inspired action.


Life Coaching by Mark Bancroft puts you in touch with...

  • Action
  • Awareness
  • Clarity of intent
  • Communication effectiveness
  • Confidence
  • Decisiveness
  • Empowerment & encouragement
  • End to procrastination
  • Goal setting & attainment
  • Guidance
  • Hope and inspiration
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Life purpose
  • Mental focus, discipline, and clarity
  • Motivation
  • Release from fear and doubt
  • Success tools, tips, techniques
  • Values and goals


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Contact Mark Bancroft

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* Note: Specific results are not guaranteed as results may vary from person to person.


Adrienne W.
August 20, 2012
Mark's Bancroft's professional help has proven to be invaluable for myself, my family, and the friends I have referred to him. He has assisted us in … read more
Veronica Fisher
February 7, 2013
Mark is one of the most dedicated and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting... I would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve, … read more
Hari Simran
July 25, 2013
Mark is such a profound coach and healer. I always leave the sessions with a sense of total ease and lightness in my mind, as if a weight has been … read more

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